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532 Walnut
Lawrence, KS

532 Walnut was designed and built by eggmanink designowner Scott Voelker.  It is located on a half-acre plot adjacent to the Kansas River.  The project was an experiment in using "off-the-shelf" building systems in non-traditional ways to keep construction costs down.  This resulted in creating custom windows out replacement glass for doors and using a garage door for a window.

Scott worked with local craftspeople to create vanities,  kitchen counters and doors from local trees damaged in  storms and fabricated the stairs, railings, kitchen cabinets and other components of the house.

Orefield House
Orefield, PA

The original one story house was built by the grandparents of one of the owners and the current family of four was feeling a bit cramped in the existing ranch.  The idea for this project was to add a 2nd story for the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and to free up the ground floor for an open plan kitchen, living room and dining room.  The custom stairs lead to an open space on the 2nd floor connecting al the bedrooms, with large windows at each end to flood the interior with natural light.

Spring Garden Apartments
Easton, PA

Working with the same clients as the 5th Street apartments, this building had also fallen into disrepair over time.  The new owners wanted to breathe new life into the dark, small spaces to make bright, open plan apartments and return the exterior into a contributing part of the historical downtown area.

Photos: Bethany Devine

Bathroom Addition
Easton, PA

The client for this project owed a traditional rowhouse in downtown Easton's historical district, where the only bathroom was on the ground floor and the bedrooms were on the upper floor.  The project consisted of adding a 2nd floor bathroom on top of an existing ground floor addition.  

Photos: Mashtun Studio

Concrete Countertop: Majestic Concrete

Vanity Fabrication: Mashtun Studio